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NC - 01 LED Project Lights Series

LED project-light lamp is the new generation energy-saving products, the shell adopts all alloy lampbody and overall moulding process to ensure a good cooling effect, effectively reduce the LED the decline in use process light source using imported high power LED, long service life, low power consumption, colour is pure, no pollution, no significant advantages, strobe optical PMMA efficient lens by small, project-light light loss.

Unique switch constant-current source control technology to ensure the stability of the each star LED, LED project-light lamp broke traditional lighting usage, mainly used in large building facades, garden landscape engineering lighting, project-light irradiation distance 15-50 meters.

Item NoPower (W)Size (MM)Color Temp
NC - 0110W900-1000 
NC - 0220W1800-2000 
NC - 0330W2700-3000 
NC - 0550W4500-5000 
NC - 0770W6300-7000 
NC - 0880W7200-8000 
NC - 10100W9000-10000 


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