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Why Frustum Watts

  • Energy-Effcient : energy saving, high brightness, no infrared, ultraviolet, no radiation, thermal light flashing phenomenon. The latest efficient(95%) constant-current drive.

  • Bright Light : bright. The light plane output, luminous completely more wide Angle.

  • Ultra-thin ultralight : a dedicated circuit design, avoid a single bad light affects integral effect.

  • Stable Durable : 10 years use period, not by the electromagnetic interference, not pollute the environmerLl Application: Hotels, conference room, factories, offices, homes, schools, hospitals and other need energy saving and high color rendering index lighting place.

  • Compact Size : LED Light bulbs can be as small as 2mm making them ideal for fitting into hard to reach and compact areas.

  • Fast Switching : LED Lights will start at full brightness, instantly, every time, therefore there is no need for backup lighting. LED Lights are a benefit because they switch on and off instantly making them ideal for flashing signs, traffic signaling and automotive lights, compared to standard compact fluroescent lights which fade in and out or flicker.

  • Safety : Most LED lights operate at low voltage so are cool to touch and much safer to handle during installation and maintenance and can be exposed to rain and snow.

  • Environmentally Friendly : The benefit of LED Lights is that they are an eco-friendly form of lighting as they do not contain mercury or other harmful gasses or emit any harmful UV rays. For example, a 13w LED light emits 68% less CO2 than a standard 40w incandescent bulb running 10 hours per day.

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